Links of the Week 4/30

Third in my regular (?) series, here’s some things I found this week that I thought were cool and wanted to share (now moved to Monday, because I was busy on Friday and over the weekend). I’ve also decided to start organizing the links a bit. The categories will probably change week-to-week:

3D Printing

I’ve had to do a lot of 3D printing lately for 2.744, so I’ve been more interested in 3D printers. For a while I was fairly convinced that they were the spawn of the devil and either cost tens of thousands of dollars or were finnicky and unreliable, or both. Seems like things have gotten better in the past few years.


I’m a software engineer, so I read about software.


I’m also a mechanical engineer occasionally, so I read about hardware.


I like cameras. If you’re reading this, you probably knew that about me.


Thanks for reading!

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