A lot of my friends have blogs, why not me too? I explain a bit more on my Hello World post, so probably read that first.

This blog may contain content on photography, machining, coding, baking, cooking, MIT, or anything else I decide is interesting. Feel free to follow along - I’ve also got an RSS feed if you still use an RSS reader (should be autodiscoverable via some header tags in my generated HTML, but it’s broken in the past).


I’m Landon, but you probably already knew that. I graduated undergrad from MIT in 2017 and graduated again with a M-Eng in 2018. After graduation, in fall of 2018 I moved to NYC to work at Palantir as a software engineer.

I’ve also got a list of some of the projects I’ve worked on.

Some technical stuff / “colophon”

I really like the Colophon section in Technique, which lists a bunch of historical/technical things. I’m probably the only one that actually reads it, but that’s fine. (Disclaimer: I don’t guarantee to keep this up to date).

Shutter Clicks is my personal site/blog. I use my block-style watermark as the favicon, which I created in (probably?) 2015, and usually watermark photos with in the bottom-left corner.

Shutter Clicks is a static Jekyll site hosted on Netlify, and was formerly hosted on Github Pages before the great Git LFS migration of May 2019. The source code is on my public github (for now).

Headings are typeset in Roboto, and body text is typeset in Libre Baskerville. The footer and other secondary serif text is typeset in Palantino, and monospace text is typeset in Menlo.

Most of these were the default values included with Tale, the Jekyll theme I have adapted for Shutter Clicks.