Links of the Week 6/12

As soon as I called it an almost-regular series, I got busy with final presentations, thesis, graduation, and moving things, but Links of the Week is back! Except this time it’s for like 3 weeks of material. This might wind up a bit long.


The time period this post covers includes when GDPR was rolling out and everyone got 12 billion emails from services they didn’t even know had their email.





Mildly Philosophical


And finally, an interesting meta-piece on the joy of internet ghost towns: Another one via litchin. It’s a pretty interesting read, and matches some of my experiences and interests - I am, after all, starting a blog in 2018, while blogging was most popular in the mid 00’s. It’s nice to have my own space on the internet, my own little site to talk and rant and document.

As always, thanks for reading! :)

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