LOTW special - Youtube, Podcasts, etc

Just wanted to link-spam some Youtube channels and podcasts I’ve been watching recently for this Links Of The Week:


YouTube - Cooking

YouTube - Making, long-scale projects

YouTube - Making, but really good

YouTube - Making, low-budget

YouTube - Making, mainstream

YouTube - Exercise

YouTube - Giants

And finally, possibly my favorite ever YouTube channel, Wong Fu Productions. I haven’t loved as much of their recent stuff, but they’ve been going at it for many years, and were the cornerstone of the OG Asian YouTubers crew, along with NigaHiga and KevJumba. Unlike those, Wong Fu has stayed on with cute sketches and short films, though I generally prefer the artsy videos generally directed by Wes, over the relationship videos generally directed by Phil. My absolute favorites are SHELL and the One Days: HK.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Maybe you discovered a new channel to follow to get you through the quarantine?

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