MITERS in Film

Back in Fall 2015, I took 4.344, Advanced Photography and Related Media. The class was so-so - at the time, I was more interested in the technical aspects of photography, and the following semester in 2.671 (Measurement and Instrumentation), I measured the MTF of a photographic lens. However, during 4.344 we were required to shoot about 1 roll of film per week, so my film output dramatically increased. That was also the fall that I was hanging around MITERS the most, right after building the go-kart, and right before building the battlebot.

I recently decided to scan all of the film that I had, and decided to put together an album of all of the MITERS film. I’ve pulled out a few selections below, but the full album is available here. Please reach out if you’d like any of the full-res scans of any of these photos, or any of the ones in the album.

MITERS, Fall 2015 Selections:

Hope you enjoy, and thanks for reading.

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