Youtube Nostalgia

Every so often, a Youtube channel that I subscribed to years ago will post again, or show up again in some news article or reddit, and then of course, back down the rabbit hole you go.

Today’s special shout-out is for Vi Hart, of Pi Day fame. She posted a video yesterday with a meandering storyline revisiting her second most recent video, discussing some youtube policies, and introspection. There’s a beautiful anti-payoff at the end. That, of course, sent me down a road of revisiting old Vi Hart videos - I don’t have any particular recommendations, they’re all lovely, meandering snippets of someone enjoying and being fascinated by the world.

Today’s runner-up shout-out is for Community Channel, who I consider the Australian branch of the early-2010’s Asian Youtuber Crew (Wong Fu Productions, NigaHiga, and KevJumba, plus the rotating cast of actors that appeared in their shorts numerous times). Nat posted one video 8 months ago for the first time since 2016, and I also managed to tune in to an impromptu livestream that she had, very briefly, once, and will probably never host again (alas).

Anyway, nothing too special today, just a good ol’ blast of nostalgia.

Tags: #LOTW