Blogs to check out; Musings on RSS Feeds

My friend Lilly (@ltchin) recently posted a cool article about her CMS paper on her blog and it inspired me to write a post about all the blogs I follow. I actually follow about 50-60 different blogs (many of which are dead, but that’s ok), all using RSS feeds with Feedly. As it turns out, if you’re my friend and have posted a link to your blog somewhere on social media, chances are I’ve gone and followed it. Blog posts are definitely my favorite form of semi-long-form writing ranting.

I’m pretty sure most good blogs also make some reference to relevant XKCD comics so now that we’ve got that out of the way, I’ll add my piece of interconnection to the blogosphere:

Building/Robots/Electronics/Etc Blogs

Travel Blogs

Personal Blogs

Art Blogs


If you run a blog and I haven’t listed it here and you’d like me to (or if you just feel like sharing), ping me via the usual methods. On the contrary, if I’ve listed your blog here and you prefer I remove it, feel free to ping me for that as well.

I also promised some musings on RSS feeds in the title. I think the Verge piece on Snapchat that Lilly linked in her post explains it pretty well - it’s really nice to have your little unseen corner of the internet to customize and make your own. Blogs are a nice place to post things you don’t necessarily want on Facebook or just shout into the void. It’s also nice for self-documentation, my Links of the Week have actually helped me find articles I read that I want to share with specific people or cite in the future. Charles has also mentioned in some of his posts that by meticulously documenting all of his builds, he’s actually Googled a problem and found his own blog with the solution before. I’m not quite at that level, but I hope to expand my little corner of the internet into something that’s at least moderately useful to myself and others.

Or just a place to yell into the void.

And one, final, relevant XKCD

As always, thanks for reading :)

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