Modding a new Kitchenaid stand mixer

Stand mixers are a de facto requirement for any remotely serious bakers, and Kitchenaid stand mixers are the de facto choice when selecting one. We had one in my apartment in Cambridge, but it was Fish’s, so I had none once I moved to NYC. It was one of my first purchases when setting up my apartment and kitchen upon arriving, but I was dismayed to discover that it seemed to be missing a piece.

To attach the whisk/paddle/dough hook attachments, there’s a simple post with a peg sticking out, and, until late 2016, there was additionally a washer and spring. The washer and spring served to seat the attachment on the peg and keep it from wobbling around. Apparently, at the end of 2016, Kitchenaid decided that this washer and spring made the mixer more difficult to use (admittedly, it wasn’t particularly easy to clean), but I was now so used to having it there that my stand mixer felt wrong without it. Fortunately, it’s very easy to take apart and add a spring and washer that serves excellently. You’ll need two parts: McMaster 1986K242 and McMaster 90107A032.

The head comes apart by first pulling off the the metal shroud and pounding out the pin, and then the bottom section of the head can be pulled out. Next, use snap ring pliars to remove the retaining ring from the post behind the planet gear, and pound out the pin connecting it to the planet. The post should now drop out, at which point you can remove the final retaining ring, install the washer and spring, and then reverse the steps to reassemble.

Hope someone finds this useful, and thanks for reading :),

Tags: #engineering